5 suggestions to improve your wardrobe layout

Before embarking on making your closet, we scoured through various wardrobes to find the ideal, efficient storage space – and came up with some tips and tricks for you to consider!

Mews House refurbishment in London Fitzrovia
Photo by TG-Studio

1) Hidden Compartment for your valuables

It can be anywhere in your room, or it could be under a bottom drawer, but consider a way to store your valuables. Its your house – but lets face it, it’s Malaysia – robbery happens!

Hellertown Window Sill Hidden Drawer
Photo by GL Callow Building & Remodeling

2) Drawers vs shelves

Drawers: Full access to the back of each drawer – more space
Shelves: Probably more practical for bags and larger items. Also, much cheaper – need i say more?

Maybe its a case of mixing and matching instead!

Queenscliff House
Photo by Annabelle Chapman Architect Pty Ltd

3) Think about compartments

Boys have it easy here, shirts, pants, underwear – done! We girls have to further consider long dresses, compartments for underwear, jewellery… the list goes on and on. Think about your clothes and how to allocate your wardrobe space – speak to an expert and get it laid out properly – its worth the effort!

Also consider a cheap alternative (pictured on the left) for dividing your drawers. IKEA offers it for RM9.90 for 3 pieces!


4) Luggage bags/ winter wear?

Do you travel a lot? Have plenty of winter clothing that need storage? Consider a large bottom shelf to store the items, otherwise, you’ll be struggling to take your luggage from the top shelf each time!

Traditional Bedroom
Photo by
Dwell on Despard
Photo by Joshua Lawrence Studios INC

5) Don’t forget about the bags!

Displaying your bags behind a glass case can further protect your bags, while providing aesthetic value to the room. Helps one dream of filling it up too!

Texas Residence
Photo by Domiteaux + Baggett Architects, PLLC

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