4 Cool Ideas To Use When Remodelling Your Kitchen

1) Marble tops – or Quartz stone look-a-likes?
Nothing really beats the beautiful grain of a marble surface. What kills me is that marble surfaces stain easily and chip. Soft stone, unfortunately.
Choosing a quartz top that looks like marble gives you the best of both worlds, with the hard surface of quartz, and the beauty of marble stone!
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2) Wooden surfaces
Put a touch of wood to your kitchen to bring out the earthiness of colours. To further protect the counter, consider adding a glass piece on top of the surface of the wood.
3) Landing area
If your fridge is standalone, adding a landing area just makes taking things out so much easier!
4) Hidden spice racks and knife racks
Keeps the counters clean and simplifies cleaning too!
Planning a kitchen takes expertise – balance of drawers, practicality (the kitchenwork triangle is not just a myth!) and just a lot of thought. If you need any help, do drop us a note or give us a call. We are told that our guys produce pretty flawless work and at reasonable prices too!
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